I want the very best carpet that I can get, which fiber should I look for?
You're on the right track! It makes good sense to buy the very best quality you can, so that your investment will yield long lasting beauty. There are several kinds of fiber used in the surface pile of carpet. No single one can be called "best" because the decision deals in both aesthetic and practical matters. So. . .

Choose Wool...
If you want the ultimate in luxury: Carpet that feels soft and springy, yet substantial; Colors that glow richly through a soft surface luster; and Resilience that stands up to traffic and heavy furniture. If you believe that superior style and performance justify a bit more expense. Then only Wool will do for you.

Choose Nylon...
If fashion is important and you want the broadest array of choices in texture, design and color. If you prefer a lustrous surface and bolder colors. If you want one kind of carpet throughout your home. If resilience and durability matter to you. Then decide on Nylon, the most popular choice.

Choose Olefin...
If classic or fashion Berbers appeal to you. If stain resistance and cleanability are top priorities. If colorfastness is a plus and economy is welcome. Then you'll find your answers in Olefin (also known as Polypropylene.)

Choose Polyester...
If you want sumptuous softness under foot, and rich colors and textures for the eye. If stain resistance is important and traffic is moderate. If recycling rings true to you. Then you'll find extra value in Polyester.

Choose Natural...
If both high fashion and nature influence your style. If you enjoy subtile earth colors and rich textures. If you seek a unique complement to a formal setting or a casual sun room. Then look into Natural Fibers.

We offer an extensive selection of carpeting woven from natural plant fibers such as Sisal, Coir, Seagrass and Jute. Each has a different fiber texture, style of weave and natural color shading. These are most often bound into rugs with borders of tapestry, brocade or printed animal skins. These rugs are made in our own workshop by a highly skilled artisan.

Branded Fibers...
How can I tell if I'm getting the best nylon possible?
It's easy! Buy carpet from quality mills.

Quality carpet brands are made of quality materials. Many fine carpets are made with non-branded fiber. Performance characteristics are influenced by techniques used in various stages of manufacture from spinning and setting yarn to tufting to dyeing. So, starting with a good quality, staple nylon, a mill can make many different styles of carpets that will look beautiful and last long.

For performance enhancements beyond the influence of spinning and tufting techniques, the major fiber producers; Invista, Solutia, and Honeywell; have developed special branded Nylons. The results of state-of-the-art technology in chemistry and engineering, these offer additional product innovations affecting the look, feel and durability of the finished product. The carpet mills use these special nylons in making their best styles.

The special characteristics of these branded nylons are taken into consideration as new styles are designed. A textured saxony for a family room might utilize a nylon specially formulated and spun for crush resistance. A patterned loop pile for the bedroom might be made with a nylon that has an especially soft feel for luxury under bare feet. Brand names like "Stainmaster," "Caress," and "CrushResister" give you an idea of some of the attributes the wizards of the branded nylons had in mind as they worked to improve on basic nylon.

Another advantage of branded nylon is quality assurance. Each of the fiber companies wants its products to uphold a sterling reputation. So, they set strict manufacturing parameters and require specialized product testing before the carpet can bear their special brand. When you see the label of a branded nylon, you can be confident that from design through delivery, all parties have been diligent. Their confidence is reflected in the performance guarantees that go with each nylon brand.

Hallmark Quality...
How can I be assured of quality in wool carpets?

Wools of New Zealand

"The Wools of New Zealand Brand represents the standard of excellence in wool carpets. The name and trademark, used exclusively on products containing at least 80% New Zealand wool, are applied only to carpets and rugs that have met the highest performance and environmental specifications. Wools of New Zealand Brand carpets combine the latest tones, patterns and textures with the classic beauty, comfort and practicality of New Zealand wool. And only carpets that pass more than 20 demanding tests related to fiber content, appearance retention, color-fastness and appropriate environmental performance carry our name."